Standard Appointment A standard appointment lasts up to 30 minutes and this involves, assessment, diagnosis and treatment . This also involves after care advice to improve your foot health. Treatments include: Verruca treatment Verruca are caused by a virus and are usually self limiting, however, if they causing concern we can offer a course of treatment using salicylic acid. Biomechanics & Orthotics We offer biomechanical assessment and gait analysis to improve lower limb function. Offering  a variety of orthoses ranging from “off the shelf” to bespoke orthoses depending on patients needs.  £28 in clinic £40 home visit £28 first treatment £15 follow up From £40 © 2014 Belfast Footcare. All rights reserved. treatments & prices Nail care Corns and callous Ingrown toenails Athlete’s foot Fungal nails Nail Surgery Involves permanent removal of a nail segment, if an ingrown toenail is persistent. This is performed under local anaesthetic, using phenol to prevent regrowth. Assessment is required prior to nail surgery. From £150 Medical Pedicure Why not give your poor neglected feet some TLC with our medical pedicure. This 45 min treatment combines the benefits of a foot soak and exfoliation with our podiatry expertise to remove all hard skin, leaving feet so soft you’ll want to show them off. £40